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Integrasoft Inc is a software house based in Iowa that supply ERP and accounting solutions. They were worried about the future of their business due to dwindling developer resources, high licensing costs for Cobol, and performance issues with their application server. MSS was ready to meet these challenges and architect a modern solution for these legacy problems.

  • Moving away from a complex system that relied on over 1200 web service interfaces to drive individual Cobol programs.
  • Converting their persistence from ISAM to MySQL.
  • Proving the accuracy of data post migration.

We first invented what we call the Generic Web Service which automatically configured itself using information directly from the relevant migrated Java program. This allowed us to do away with the 1200 web services interfaces and have all that work done by a single, easily maintainable, web service.

We then provided software to convert their persistence from ISAM into MySQL, giving Integrasoft the option to selectively run the applications on a mix of ISAM and SQL. Further to this we provided an environment that allowed them to capture days worth of transactions and replay them using both ISAM and MySQL to ensure parity.


Integrasoft are no longer reliant on a dwindling pool of Cobol specialists. They can now employ more readily available Java programmers, outsourcing to a supplier in India who maintain their applications. They were however, able to retain their current legacy developers with valuable knowledge of the overall systems and have them working productively in Java after only a short period of adjustment.

They are far more competitive in the market not only because they are now free of paying the full licensing fee of Cobol for each of their customers, but that they are in a better position to innovate and improve their current software suite.