MSS natural co-operation
At MSS, we know that modernizing legacy systems requires humans AND technology to work in unison for success. Combine decades of experience with AI assisted robust technology for your system transformation projects.
Actual Intelligence in Modernization

Natural Java

For COBOL and XGEN conversions to Java that look like the migrated code was written by a human, MSS solutions combine AI and our own robust internal frameworks to enhance migration outcomes.


MSS tooling drives increased performance and accelerates migrations to the cloud. Reduce latency, network activity, infrastructure requirements and achieve dramatic reductions in IO operations.


Utilize test capture replay software for testing accuracy and efficiency. Integrate co-existence tooling to allow incremental deployment of the new application.

AI Assisted

AI assisted Method and program refactoring results in cleaner code and better performance. Optimized Resource naming and code documentation produces more readable and maintainable code.

Department of Justice
Erste Bank
Express Group
Toronto Police