IBM was chosen as the prime contractor and MSS staff performed the actual modernization using automated code modernization tools transforming the 2000 programs/procs into industry-standard Cobol and the database schema into standard SQL. WGKK implemented IBM POWER5+ p5 570 servers running the IBM AIX 5L V5.3 operating system and Oracle database. The p5 machines not only supported the migrated Unisys systems but also a SAP environment and other applications. The modernized online system gave consistent good response times with a throughput of 25 online transactions per second and the Oracle database handled the 260m rows of data with ease.

Public Services
Business Problem:

WGKK is a public healthcare provider that oversees the health insurance of 1.5 million Austrian citizens. WGKK’s inflexible computing environment was often overburdened during peak business periods, rendering online services slow and inefficient. In addition the particular Unisys 2200 platform had reached "end of life". To avoid renewing/upgrading the existing Unisys systems, a modernization project was commissioned. The aims were to provide better customer services, dramatically reduced one time as well as on-going costs and better data utilization.


With the System p5 and TotalStorage solutions, WGKK acquired the products it needed to support its evolving business needs for half the cost it would have required to upgrade its existing Unisys host environment through traditional means, and it reduced its hardware maintenance costs significantly. The modernized application was delivered in time and in budget exceeding the expectations in terms of availability and performance. The night shift was no longer required because batch processing was completed in a fraction of the time on the Unisys mainframe.

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