We are experiencing a rapid ROI as we have effectively halved the operating costs of our Scottish Life systems. In addition we have dramatically improved performance, increased the quality of service to our customers and implemented a contemporary IT infrastructure that helps us respond faster to the business.
Ian Chapple, IT Director, Royal London Group
The MSS professionals were the leaders of this extraordinary project. Their superb professionalism and dedication alongside the uncompromising decisiveness to make it work created the basis for the infrastructure for our current system.
Hanoch Ben-David, CTO of Clal Insurance Pension and Financial Group
Besides achieving the demands of Y2K compliance we have a system operating more efficiently in an environment which we can support with maintenance cost reduced by a factor of ten & system uptime in excess of 99%
Barry Long, Director of Systems and Strategy, Teachers Assurance
With a relatively small investment we now have seen a reduction of IT Operational expenditure of at least £700,000 per annum, are now not locked in to a single, proprietary supplier and have opened a world of possibilities to enhance the systems further.
Steve Draper, IT Director, Express Newspapers
The contribution of your team at MSS was the major factor leading to the fact that the system is now running with absolutely no performance bottlenecks, and that the bank has saved a decent amount of money and an enormous amount of agony.
Nasser M. Khraishi, PhD, Assistant General Manager, Information Technology, JKB
The migration has saved over twelve million US Dollars. It also helped Koçbank to smoothly, easily and in a short time implement the mandatory currency change. This involved not only cutting 6 zeros from all amounts, but also converting and applying this to all historical data. The task was very intensive since all programs and logics needed to be revisited and code was modified to comply with the new currency rules.
Hishem Laroussi, CIO of Koçbank
This was a very difficult project but, by working together, we succeeded and created an excellent result.
Sladjana Jager, CIO, Erste Bank Croatia
We are very pleased to report the application is performing within our predefined Service Level Agreements for performance and availability and we have no significant issues impacting our Business operations in the live Locations (Argentina, Australia, China, Mexico and Taiwan). We would like to thank you and your team for all the time, effort and expertise they contributed in assisting us in achieving the transition from our previous Unisys Linc development environment to an industry standard Java environment.
Dave Crisp, Ford IT Project Director
Overall I feel that the migration project went extremely well. The fact that your tools automate the code conversion in every area – not just the Cobol and Linc but also the WFL and Algol – it went much faster than it would have done otherwise. And, I think, produced a better, more consistent result for us than could have been achieved in any other way.
Tomasz Jonczyk, IT Director, KIR