Ours is a specialist business, in a niche area within the legacy mainframe modernization space. With a multitude of industry verticals as well as public service projects under our belt, MSS automated technology has helped every one of our customers achieve their modernization objectives with 100% success.

Through rigorous pre-planning and study, MSS gains a thorough understanding of the organization’s past and present IT structures and issues. Combining this with our mainframe experience and the target product knowledge, we then deliver a migration modernization proposal for your team's consideration

We find this step to be the most important in the whole process as it helps to clarify the business reason for modernization. This process of defining the migration project is the key to mitigating risk, securing departmental buy in and ensuring a smooth transition to the new environment.

Whilst many of our migrations modernization projects have been based on the core elements of our product suite, every end solution is bespoke to the customer.

In all cases, our solutions begin to pay for themselves upon implementation and swiftly equate to massive IT operational cost savings as well as significant increases in performance.