Cloud Migrations


An MSS mainframe modernization paves the way to even greater IT cost savings, while releasing working capital for new business opportunities, by moving workloads into hybrid or public cloud environments.   MSS can help you decide how and when to move some or all of your IT workloads to the cloud.

Leveraging the cloud provider’s massive economies of scale to pay only for the IT capacity you need, when you need it, often requires that workloads first implemented for monolithic mainframe architectures, be adapted during the conversion process to scale out elastically.   MSS brings the understanding and experience to adapt your workloads for efficient use of dynamic cloud infrastructures.

MSS’ expert knowledge, careful planning and precision execution will ensure your workloads are migrated to the cloud for optimum cost savings without compromising security, availability, manageability or performance. 

Please contact us to help build the business case for your mainframe to cloud migration opportunity.